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SELF-CARE: Setting Healthy Boundaries

"Having clear boundaries is vital to establishing that relationships are mutually respectful. Believe it or not, but putting “up” boundaries actually creates freedom because when our wishes are clearly defined, there is no need to put up walls. Boundaries reflect our self-esteem and our values. A healthy self-respect will teach others how to treat you. And when the occasional person attempts to push against your lines, simply keep your feet placed firmly on the ground." Boundaries usually are categorized as physical and mental. "Physical boundaries are in regard to your physical existence, e.g., your body, property, and resources. For instance, you would let your romantic partner kiss you or hold hands, but if a random stranger did it you would see it as a violation of your physical and sexual boundaries. Mental boundaries (sometimes referred to as emotional, psychological, intellectual, or spiritual) are in relation to your psyche, e.g., your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. It defines how affected and shaped you are by other people’s emotions, beliefs, expectations, opinions, and so on." 10 Ways to Build Better Boundaries: · Name your limits. · Tune into your feelings. · Be direct. · Give yourself permission. · Practice self-awareness. · Consider your past and present. · Make self-care a priority. · Seek support · Be assertive. · Start small. Artist - صور بنات كرتون 2019


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