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SELF-CARE: Having A Positive Body Image

In simple terms, a body positive image is:

“…the perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that perception.”

Self-esteem: valuing ourselves and believing that others appreciate us and enjoy our company.

A positive attitude: accepting our strengths and our weaknesses, and avoiding three negative attitudes:

a. Perfectionism: holding ideals or standards that are impossible (or next to impossible) to achieve. b. Comparing: making social comparisons with others. c. Being highly critical or judgmental: the more critical and judgmental we are of others, the

more likely we are to be critical and judgmental of ourselves.

Emotional stability: maintaining a healthy connection to our thoughts and feelings while also being able to share our experiences with others.

Focus on your positive qualities, skills, and talents.

Say positive things to yourself every day (practicing affirmations puts this suggestion to use)

Avoid negative or berating self-talk

Focus on appreciating and respecting what your body can do

Set positive, health-focused goals rather than weight loss-focused goals.

Admire the beauty of others, but avoid comparing yourself to anyone else.

Remind yourself that many media images are unrealistic and unattainable for the vast majority of people (and even for the subject of the image, thanks to Photoshop!).

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