How We Give Back

We know that with our help, the young women we work with will contribute to our communities for generations to come.

Ready and Relevant provides young women with

three ongoing service area projects:

Community Service

At Ready and Relevant we provide young women with the opportunity to give back to those who have supported them along the way. We believe that service is key not only to stronger communities but stronger young women. This is a core regimen and experiential learning opportunity provided by Ready and Relevant for the young women who enter our program. They learn the strength of their communities, the strength they receive from their communities, and how to strengthen their communities. In giving back, our young women provide themselves with experience and connections, while they provide useful services and positive role models to others who need them. When a young woman gives back, she connects, she strengthens, and she inspires.

We engage in service activities by: 

  • Joining community service organizations to volunteer

  • Coming up with our own service projects

  • Outreach and helping the homeless

  • Picking a charity to help fundraise

  • Donate non-perishable food to a food bank

Racial Equality


We draw our young women from communities that face inequities as in mental health and disability, economic justice, social equality, gender, and sexual equality. Our program teaches young women to recognize and actively address these inequalities and inadequacies of care. We can encourage young women to lead by following them and encouraging them to help themselves by helping others. The work that these young women do will live on, build equity, and give hope to those who will follow them. We believe in these women, and we are here to help. ​​

Leaders of tomorrow 


Ready and Relevant knows that these young women have worked hard to get to where they are, often with little or nothing left over. We connect the community leaders of tomorrow with the community leaders of today and to provide the resources that allow these young women and their communities to flourish. If young women of color represent our future, we must ensure a brighter tomorrow for them by empowering them so that they are able to overcome the inequities of the past and the present. 


We incorporate themed talks and workshops in

leadership through:


  • Self-empowerment

  • Financial literacy

  • Developing women leaders through entrepreneurship


  • Utilizing books and articles to bring awareness to the  

        importance of financial stability.

  • Networking with women leaders in the community 

We take on the responsibility of racial justice by: 


  • Attending annual racial justice workshops

  • Making phone calls

  • Attending rallies

  • Having young women talk to family/friends

  • Educating the young women on the foundation and why being a part of the movement is important to the vitality of the American Dream.

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