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Who We Are

Ready and Relevant seeks to provide individualized guidance, holistic education, and life planning skills for young women of color so they feel empowered and supported as they cross the bridge to adulthood.

We examine every area that is holding our participants back from their purpose—from housing and childcare to education, employment, advocacy, wellness, and more.  Our team of educators and community leaders work side by side with our participants to connect every facet of their lives with resources and positive mentoring.

By believing, empowering, nurturing, and caring about these young women, we work to end the cycle of trauma and poverty that engulfs so many.

Candidates ages 17-28 are eligible to apply.



Ready and Relevant meets young women of color where they are, providing individualized guidance, education, and life-planning skills to create a promising path to their future.


We envision that every young woman will have the tools they need to thrive and prosper.


Program Philosophy

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“After 25 years in the helping profession, I launched Ready and Relevant with a mission to give young women of color a fresh start in life. I saw my younger self in them, and knew from my own experience, the power of having a mentor who believes in you and brings you closer to your essence. My philosophy was ‘Come as you are.’”

—Evita Ellis, Founder

Ready and Relevant believes in the power of human connection to change lives. The young women we work with are often unseen by society.


Our mentorship program is rooted in creating nourishing, safe, and sustaining relationships.  We are here to help and support a young woman’s journey forward by showing her how to navigate systems, cultivate strategies, and trust her intuitive voice to serve her purpose in life.

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