Provide the gift that lasts a lifetime: an education!


Ready and Relevant is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing scholarships and services to young women. We believe education is the key to helping women become more economically self-sufficient.


Whether you are an individual or an organization, please consider one of the many ways you can become a valued supporter:


By virtue of your support, you will be “Paying It Forward” to women, their communities, and many generations to come!

Individual Donors


Ready and Relevant needs people like you who are committed to supporting young women who need support for their educations! Here are some ways for you to contribute:

Employer Match
Ask your employer to consider matching your donation
Scholarship Sponsor
Scholarship Sponsors honor those who give $2,000 or more in a calendar year. The support of these committed individuals enables Ready and Relevant to provide critical support and services
Planned Giving
For more information on how to give the gift of a lasting legacy, click HERE.

When you give from the heart you breathe life into the future

of Ready and Relevant

Organizational Contributors


Ready and Relevant is committed to building and maintaining long-term relationships with strategic community alliances, organizations and corporate partners to support our mission in the following ways:


Scholarship Sponsor
Provide working capital funds of $2,000 or more per calendar year that can be channeled to provide scholarships, awards and ongoing support to Ready and Relevant.
Employee Engagement
Make a commitment to inform your workforce about the mission of Ready and Relevant by encouraging your employees to volunteer and donate. 
Employee Matching
Match the contribution of your staff and colleagues to encourage their contributions to Ready and Relevant. Contact Ready and Relevant to ensure the fulfillment of your valuable match. 
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