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Self-Care: Ways to Increase Positive Emotions

Create a Positivity Treasure Chest

Sometimes we forget the way back to feeling positive. We might need a reminder that can lead us back to a happier emotional place. That's when a positivity box (or folder) is really helpful.

A positivity box is a collection of reminders of positive experiences we've had. These reminders bring back the feelings associated with the good moments in our lives, our strengths, joys, and accomplishments, the fun we've had, the books or music that have meaning for us, the people who are important to us. It's a positivity "treasure chest."

Collect things that remind you of positive emotional moments in your life. For example:

· photos or other souvenirs of great times

· awards that remind you of an accomplishment

· cards or notes from special people in your life

· favorite inspirational quotes or song lyrics

· childhood mementos

· something you made or drew

· a gift someone gave you

· a photo of someone you look up to

Put everything in a folder, binder, or special box where you can easily find it. Or make a collage, poster, or mobile of the items. The most important thing is to choose only items that trigger a positive emotion for you. You can add, subtract, and rearrange them any time.

When you feel low or discouraged, take a few minutes to look through your treasure box to boost your positive emotions.

Browse through it any time to give yourself a daily serving of positivity.

As you work on increasing your positive emotions, you might notice that you feel happier, more accomplished, and more energetic. A small daily investment of focusing on the positive pays off with big lifetime rewards.

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