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You really want that job and have prepared for the interview. Now you have to:

•Keep calm. Try not to be nervous.

•Listen carefully to the interviewer.

•Repeat the question to confirm you understand what is being asked.

•Answer questions directly, honestly, and with facts and examples.

•Emphasize your strengths.

•Be polite and considerate by not interrupting the interviewer.

•Never say anything negative about a former employer or teacher.

•Ask any questions you may have about the job (leave salary questions until after you are

offered the job).

•Ask for the job.

•Inquire as to when you will be notified about the results of the interview.

•Thank the interviewer for spending time with you.

When your interview is completed, evaluate your success and areas for improvement. Send any requested items to the company and a thank you e-mail the same day.

Preparing for Your Interview

It is critical to be prepared when you are called to go on an interview. Check off these items as you prepare for your interview:

1.Know your employer—learn about the organization in general and specific office if


2. Be prepared to emphasize your strengths and how they fit the job.

3. Arrive early and call if you are delayed or need to reschedule.

4. References—bring a list of three references; do not use family members.

5. Portfolios—prepare a sample of documents, projects, and pictures representing your skills and achievements in a notebook or portfolio binder.

6. Dress up—first impressions are lasting.

7. Prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer.

8. Bring several copies of your resume, a pad of paper and pen to make notes.

9. Have a positive attitude and a friendly smile.

10. Practice interviewing with a friend or family member until the process seems natural.

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