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EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING: 4 Secrets To Writing A Great Cover Letter

Secret #1

The first secret to a great cover letter is to imagine what the perfect applicant in the world would be able to deliver. Start your cover letter with this compelling information. For example if you are a fantastic sales person, employers would want to know about your quote-bashing sales records, heightened productivity and improved profitability. The idea is simple, tell them exactly what they need to know.

Secret #2

Impress your employer by showing off your knowledge of their company. So many cover letters are too generic and not specific to the company your applying to. Say something like “I have keenly followed your organisation since 2010 and I imagine that with your recent expansion to Brazil you will need a candidate who is familiar with the area.”

Wow! So far, the hiring manager knows you’re a star sales performer who is an expert in the country they’ve just expanded into.

Secret #3

Include 2-5 bullet point demonstrating that you can achieve results and quantifying your accomplishments. This makes it easier to read and digest the information as quickly and concisely as possible.

Secret #4

Now it is time to really shine. The closing paragraph should introduce your resume and elude that there is lots more to learn about you. Say that you will will them in a few days to find out more about the position. When you call, don’t just ask if they received your application, but impress them with insightful questions about the company and position. This will get you noticed and is an opportunity to build a rapport.

Simply include these simple secrets to a winning cover letter and you will stand out from the crowd.


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