What We Do

Vision Achievement

Peer Networking

Ready and Relevant helps young women network with other young women so they can inspire each other. When we support each other and see each other succeeding, it allows us to recognize our own potential.


Safe Space

The space of belonging that Ready and Relevant offers represents a place where a young woman can come and be refreshed, encouraged and rejuvenated to continue to handle her daily responsibilities. The ability to feel safe, grounded, and welcome is crucial to well-being.


Wellness and Basic Needs Support

The Ready and Relevant program is designed to educate and assist young women on topics ranging from lifestyle, attitude, beauty, health, spirituality, self-confidence, relationships, to even, yes, getting older. 


Life Coaching (Mentoring)

Ready and Relevant provides coaching and mentoring to help young women of color navigate life and be successful. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships and support ongoing academic and personal success. 


College Assistance (Scholarships)

Young people who are facing housing and financial difficulties often lack basic living and safety supplies, and it can be difficult to learn when you are struggling with these fundamental needs. Ready and Relevant gives scholarships to young college-bound women of color to buy items like clothes, bedding, personal hygiene items. food, transportation, cell phones, medical, and school supplies that are not covered by financial aid so they can focus on their studies. 


Community Resources (Referrals)

Ready and Relevant is an independent organization. However, it maintains a close relationship with other Twin Cities nonprofits, churches, schools, civic groups, and other groups who serve the community. We refer young women to these other resources as necessary and encourage other community groups to effectively support our youth.

Ready and Relevant provides critical support, services and

resources to help young women achieve their dreams

Academic Achievement

Academic success can be challenging even for college students who have the comforts of home in their dorm room or apartment. While many of us take for granted basic items that make our lives easier and safer, not every student's family is able to provide these things. We here at Ready and Relevant are working to close the gap in Minnesota for young women of color who have faced significant challenges.


Ready and Relevant assists young women who lack these basic necessities. Our scholarships provide stability and create equity, so that our clients -- these scholars -- can maximize their chances for academic and future success. As these women achieve their educational goals they set a tremendous example for their families and friends, which in turn enriches their communities. Many recipients are the first in their family to attend an institution of higher education or vocational training, and we are proud to support them.

Who We Support

Ready and Relevant supports young Minnesota women of color as they cross the bridge to adulthood. ​

We support those young women who are working on the next phase of their lives after high school. As such, all applicants must be between 17 and 21 and be either high school graduates or recipients of a GED. Each woman must be enrolled in an educational institution of higher learning or vocational training. We understand that not every woman takes the same path to create her success! 


To be eligible, women must demonstrate their readiness by showing the following: financial need, academic achievement, leadership skills, career goals, and involvement within the community.

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