Ways to Volunteer

Are you inspired to find ways to volunteer that can create change

with our young women at Ready and Relevant but you don’t know how?


To make a difference in the lives of these young women

here are some ways you can get involved:



  • Help us host a quarterly recognition event that will empower the young women.​

  • Help us host a volunteer event in the community i.e. serving food or working at food shelves, visiting nursing homes, care packages for the homeless, cleaning up parks, etc.  



  • Lend your expertise and knowledge to Ready and Relevant this can be an effective way to cultivate business. Whether you’re an accountant, an IT expert, a visual designer or a marketer, your skills can benefit Ready and Relevant.



  • Become a volunteer mentor to these young women to help them grow and thrive professionally.



  • Become a volunteer tutor to these young women as they continue their academics.



  • Volunteer to assist in leading a book club or movie night to explore and discuss interesting themes impacting women, and gender equality.



  • Help us become more sustainable by writing or seeking grants for Ready and Relevant.

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